Warrant Assistance:


PERHAPS!   It is often possible to avoid the inconvenience, unpleasantness and embarrassment of a public arrest. Once a warrant of arrest is issued, it can be handled in several ways.  The two most common are:

SERVICE When a warrant is served, or executed, it means that the person named on the warrant is physically arrested and taken either before the judge or to the County jail to await arraignment (see the judge). Arraignments are usually done in the morning hours, 7 days a week at the jail itself. At the arraignment a bond will be set. When the conditions of the bond are met, you are released from jail without having to stay for an extended period. Arraignments can often be set at a time more convenient to you by contacting the Warrant Officer. Keep in mind, you always have the option to have the warrant served, plead innocent, post a bond and go to court.  You also may contact an attorney if you wish.

RECALL/DISMISSAL The judge has the authority to recall or dismiss a warrant without it being served. This is usually done for one of two reasons. Either the judge becomes convinced that the warrant is not valid (and he will dismiss the warrant), or payment is made in full (and he will recall the warrant). 

Please be aware that by the time that warrant status is reached on Class C offenses, to be in compliance with the court, the obligation must be paid in full.  Under rare circumstances a payment agreement is entered into at solely at the discretion of the presiding judge. Any payment arrangement that results in recall requires that a plea agreement be signed and the "Warrant Contact Information" card or page be completed and the contact information confirmed. You may download that page here.

If the payment agreement is not kept for any reason, your concern may re-enter warrant status immediately as a CAPIAS PROFINE warrant, and in addition your Driver's License may be flagged to deny renewal. This also means that the total amount is again due immediately and you are once again a candidate for general arrest. Once you are arrested on a CAPIAS PROFINE warrant, you may remain in custody until the obligation is met in full.  This type of warrant is often referred to as the "pay or stay plan".  Please communicate with the Warrant Officer and make him aware of any difficulties.  Communication with honesty is the key.

A CAPIAS PROFINE warrant issued from the Hunt County Court of Law can receive special consideration.  You may have the warrant recalled by remitting one-half of the total amount due, and resuming your original payment schedule.  This can be accomplished at the County Clerk's office on the second floor of the Hunt County Courthouse in downtown Greenville.  You may obtain the balance owed from the Office of Warrant Assistance.

Our County Attorney does make some payment agreements on THEFT BY CHECK warrants.  This requires a formal plea agreement, a book in/book out procedure and often a deferred adjudication for the length of the agreement.  Failure to complete this agreement may result in an immediate issuance of a warrant and imminent arrest.